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Breaking All the Rules of Blogging

Simply VarnellThat will be what I do as I finally start with this blog I’ve had sitting out here in Inthernetland collecting dust.

I promise to:

  1. Inconsistently post on this blog
  2. Haphazardly ask for permission when writing about someone
  3. Generally not have answers to questions, but promise to always have an opinion
  4. Frequently say something that my mama would be horrified her baby girl let come out of her mouth

When visiting this blog you may find:

  1. Nonsensical thoughts that pop into my head that move to my fingers that get typed on the keyboard
  2. Delicious (at least to me and mine) vegetarian/vegan recipes
  3. Adorable pet pictures – our menagerie of birds, cats and dogs
  4. Unbelievable musings and images of the Blonde Bombshell, my 88-year-old Southern Belle Mama

So, here’s to blogging for myself instead of others and doing it on my own terms.




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3 thoughts on “Breaking All the Rules of Blogging

  1. sandyjdavis123 on said:

    So excited!

  2. Well, get to skanking!

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