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Enjoying July 4th and 2014 World Cup

Old Glory

Whew, it took me a while to make it to Skanksville but it does appear I finally made it. I’m resting up from the long trip by thanking old Tommy Jefferson and friends for getting us away from those uptight Brits and allowing me to have a day off to celebrate. In addition to enjoying some cold bud light, I’m watching the 2014 Fifa World Cup.

I’ve never been a soccer fan. That is, until now. My friends Diego and Marshall have gone on for years about the greatness and beauty of the game and I have only muttered to myself, “What idiots.” When somebody says the word football, I say “hotty toddy” or “go Pack!”

I am not cognizant of when or where it happened, but I have been totally obsessed with this year’s World Cup. Although the United States is no longer in competition, I am much relieved that England isn’t either, seeing as it’s the 4th of July and all. I knew hardly anything about this other futbol folks talked about. Thanks to Diego and Marshall, I have been in on-the-fan-training and they’ve been great at explaining this version of futbol to me. Of course, they have no idea I was calling them idiots under my breath either.

I’ve watched every game, but have had one major complaint throughout; those fake-ass falls and claims of injury. I kept thinking surely I’m not alone when, low and behold, Rick Cleveland penned a story about that very topic in today’s Clarion Liar. He calls it “flopping” and I think it’s the one thing that keeps me from really adding soccer to my list of favorite sports. These grown men who consider themselves athletes fall and flail about from another player’s tailwind just blowing by. That’s why this game will always be considered “soccer” and not “football.” Football isn’t for sissies, while it appears soccer does allow drama queens to play.

Happy 4th of July and Go Brazil!

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  1. Lori Sherrill on said:

    I totally agree… loved the blog 🙂

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